Photo © Stoyan Yotov, Economy Magazine, Bulgaria

Photo © Stoyan Yotov, Economy Magazine, Bulgaria

Elitsa Videnova, Founder of The Textorialist

Elitsa has both a BA and a MA in English from Sofia University. She has specialised at the University of Surrey Roehampton, London, as a Shakespeare scholar. She has various other specialisations in marketing, public relations, and creative writing.

Her career in the corporate world spans over fifteen years, the last nine of which as the Business Development Director of Kambourov & Partners, one of Bulgaria’s largest law firms. Prior to that, Elitsa was Executive Director of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF), a CSR business organisation associated with the Prince of Wales.

Elitsa’s extensive knowledge of business processes and transactions teams up with her linguistic prowess and long term experience as a writer, journalist and translator.

Currently, Elitsa is the Lead Linguist for one of the world’s IT leaders and a for a major international fashion brand.

She is a regular contributor to various magazines and guides in the fields of postgraduate education, marketing, and business development. She is an editor-at-large at Grazia Bulgaria,, and other publications. When writing is purely about pleasure, her style is rather funny, ironic and self-deprecating, and her favourite subject: motherhood.

She is highly sought after by businesses in various industries for her niche expertise in teasers, tender proposals and legal translation work, as well as for her excellent team of translation professionals in a range of industries.

Elitsa is fluent in English, Bulgarian and Russian.

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