With our different areas of specialisation, we at The Textorialist work as contributors to a number of websites, blogs and print magazines and journals. We are guest bloggers, ghostwriters and journalists.

Our team contributes with content to web and paper editions in law, fashion and textile, higher education, medicine and healthcare, marketing, mining, parenting, cosmetics, food, ecology, and more.

We write product reviews, specialised content, take interviews, carry out research, and provide an independent and objective point of view on a variety of issues.

We take your initial idea and turn it into unique SEO web content or a completed story that is ready to publish.

Just as well, we are experienced journalists who contribute our own ideas and specialised knowledge.

We strongly believe in blogging. We find it to be one of the most powerful tools to strengthen your brand in an honest, touching and elegant way, while being able to follow your audience’s responsiveness. A well-kept blog drive traffic to your website and enhances your SEO results.

Last but not least, we are available for ghostwriting. We take on our assignments with passion and enthusiasm, diving deep into the author’s perception of their subject matter. We are respectful and diligent to our clients, and consider it an honour to be able to contribute with our craft to giving voice to someone’s unique experiences or ideas. We work under full confidentiality.