Photo Viktor Hanacek @ picjumbo

Photo Viktor Hanacek @ picjumbo

Brand reputation is hard to build. It is fragile and capricious. Words, on the other hand, are almighty. They could make or break a deal or a corporate future in a split second. Businesses need to secure that the language and content of the texts that represent them to their internal and external audiences, match the high quality of their products, while their message is being conveyed in the best possible way.

We provide assistance in drafting the following business and professional texts:

  • Reports
  • Memoranda
  • Minutes
  • Reviews
  • Staff motivation texts
  • Marketing materials
  • Business correspondence
  • Formal letters

RfPs (Requests for Proposals)

A request for proposal (RFP) is an invitation to potential suppliers of a commodity, service or valuable asset to submit proposals. It is usually conducted through a bidding process encouraging suppliers to make their best effort in providing the requested information. RFPs often follow a very specific structure, one to which suppliers are accustomed. That allows for speed and accuracy in providing the requested information. The RFP also usually dictates that structure of the offers to be received.

In addition to helping you draft company-specific RFPs for your needs, the Textorialist can act as an agency coordinating the technical steps of the evaluation and selection procedure.

Other similar documents:

A request for information (RFI) usually precedes a RFP, and has the purpose to gather information on the various possibilities, products or services available in a marketplace.

A request for quotation (RFQ) is used when no bidding is required and the price is the key factor in selecting a supplier or vendour.

A request for qualifications (RFQ) has the purpose of collecting information from as many possible suppliers as possible in order to form a pool of prospects.


Proposals often provide companies with the opportunity to make an excellent first impression. In order to be successful (you may leave a lasting impression even if you are not the winning bidder), it requires great diligence and attention to detail.

The Textorialist assists companies and organisations in drafting various kinds of proposals, from single-provider specialised offers to complex consortium offers.

Just as with RFPs, the Textorialist could act as an agency in selecting consortium partners and coordinating multi-party proposal drafting.


Teasers are the Textorialist’s trademark. We have vast experience drafting numerous teasers in various industries of business and manufacturing.

Teasers are short (ideally one-to-two-page) text presenting your company, results and what you have to offer to potential investors, partners, clients or financing institutions.

Just as with proposals, teasers could be your first and only chance to make an impression. They should meet different requirements depending on their target audience. Sending the same teaser to a strategic investor and a financing institution could turn against your. We strongly advise that you turn to a professional in order to make the best of that one-shot opportunity.