Photo Victor Hanacek @ picjumbo

Photo Victor Hanacek @ picjumbo

The importance of good corporate presentations cannot be stressed enough. They show in a nutshell what you could otherwise discuss in hours.

As a rule, presentations need to be visually pleasing, concise, accurate and powerful. A corporate presentation must also demonstrate your understanding of your business, goals and values, regardless of what the purpose and the target audience of your presentation is.

Ideally, presentations should be tailored made for each different occasion.

Whether you are a law firm or a manufacturing company, a well written presentation will successfully:

  • Establish your credibility;
  • State your short- and long-term goals up front;
  • Create as much impact as possible;
  • Make your audience think;
  • Make your audience see how you could work together.

We at the Textorialist have vast experience writing various presentations targeting different audiences.

Our combined and still-fresh corporate past has allowed us to be on both sides of presentations in different sectors of industry. We have all painstakingly, through numerous trial and error, come to master the dos and don’ts of presentation writing. We have had the chance to witness and follow up on our presentations for years on end. We have been faced with varying reactions that have helped us learn our lessons. Now we can safely say we know what to do to make a corporate presentation work for you.

We can not only work directly on your presentations, but also coach you how to get better at writing and rendering presentations yourselves.